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What to Read Next Podcast

May 28, 2018

Special Announcement! No new episodes for the next few weeks as I am going to focus on putting together a new season of episodes with author interviews and fellow readers with book recommendations. 

If you are interested in being in the show sharing your favorite reads, please email me at

May 16, 2018

In honor of the Royal Wedding this month, we are highlighting 6 books related to royalty! 

May 14, 2018

Today we have a new feature where I interview my favorite authors. Our first guest is Alessandra Torre. Alessandra is a NY Times Bestseller author with 18 books. In this episode, we chat about her writing style, favorite character and a sneak peak of what she is working on. 

May 9, 2018

Today I want to share my review of Book of the Month. I share what I pay, what books I have gotten and why I love this subscription box.

May 7, 2018

Today I am sharing 7 books that I am planning to read. There is a mixed of advanced readers copy, books from the library and an audiobook.